Being Knowledgeable is a Natural Instinct for Humans


Ralph Crawford


June 20, 2017

June 20, 2017

Scanning the obituaries in the newspaper seems to be a routine today that hardly ever existed in my younger years. Perhaps it has a lot to do with the fact that so many of the men and women who appear in the obituary columns just happen to be in the same age group as myself. But it is rather interesting to see the wide variety of how these departed souls lived – who they were, where they spent their lives, and the accomplishments they achieved.

Recently one such obituary rather jumped out at me. It was of an individual in his mid-80s who obviously had been a very scholarly gentleman. The closing sentence of the fairly long column read, “All Men by Nature Desire Knowledge.” The saying somehow rang a bell. I was sure I had heard it before, but of what derivation? Upon hard thinking, yes it was Aristotle, and I’m sure I first heard it in a metaphysics class more than 50 years ago.

The truth about knowledge still stands strongly today, and has been so through the ages. As Aristotle so pointedly stated, desiring knowledge is part of our human nature and has brought us to where we are today – an unbelievable world of achievement. And when you consider The Professional Advisory’s principle, “designed to provide expert information and advice solely for dentists and their advisors,” is this not a great step forward in assisting those who desire knowledge. Consider Mark McNulty’s article; he presents a fine list of seven suggestions for those desiring knowledge for Managing Money for Dentists. And for those desiring knowledge about Using Discretion in Choosing Marketing Strategies, Ron Weintraub has a wealth of information.

There’s no doubt that associate agreements can be complicated, particularly for new graduates seeking knowledge, and David Rosenthal’s Associate Agreements from the Associate’s Perspective has the answers. Are taxes ticking time bombs? No doubt many will readily agree. And in a desire to find knowledge of how a time bomb may affect your professional corporation David Chong Yen and Louise Wong have the answers. Interestingly, David Lind points out that one of the lesser discussed, but very important value drivers in a practice is the value of a Good Team. His article fully deals with a desire for knowledge on how enhancing the Good Team can create a culture of trust, respect and empowerment. In Part 2: Offer to Lease Ian Tom’s opening sentence says it all: “The Offer to Lease is usually the first, and always the most important tenancy document an occupier ever sees.” And for anyone desiring knowledge on this important aspect of business, Ian has the answers.

Thank you Aristotle. 2,400 years after his death, Aristotle remains one of the most influential people who ever lived and contributed to every field of human knowledge at the time of his existence. His knowledge that All Men by Nature Desire Knowledge is evident not only in the pages of The Professional Advisory but is fundamental to each and every one of us in achieving our goals and life fulfillment.