Luctor et Emergo


Ralph Crawford


September 21, 2017

September 21, 2017

Last May I participated in a truly wonderful weekend of  celebration. With my classmates we celebrated our 60th anniversary of receiving our Bachelor of Arts degree from the College of Notre Dame in Wilcox Saskatchewan – about 50 kilometers south of Regina. The College was originally founded in 1920 by the Sisters of Charity of St. Louis. In 1927 Father Athol Murray – known as Pére Murray throughout his career – joined the College and instilled within the total education system the Greek philosophy of developing the mind, body and spirit. From the outset Pére Murray’s motto and firm belief was “Luctor et Emergo” – Struggle and Emerge. As students more than 6o years ago we learned what Luctor et Emergo was all about and to this day the motto is reinforced and aids the College to produce the finest students through a balanced program that emphasizes the value of good character, leadership and community living.

And when we think about it isn’t Luctor et Emergo what life is all about. To achieve anything of value do we not have to make an effort, toil and strive in order to emerge with success so we can gain the goal we have in mind. And looking at The Professional Advisory doesn’t every issue, every article. create Luctor et Emergo as it encourages readers to embrace the knowledge and worthiness that assists them to emerge with the success they have in mind. Consider Dave Lind’s article Hygiene as a Value Driver. As he deals with a renewed focus on hygiene services readers will emerge with deserved success when the times comes to sell the practice. Who ever thought premises leases could be so complex and at times a real struggle to understand. To everyone’s’ benefit Ian Toms’ The Lease deals very effectively and emerges with some of the basic required lease terms and conditions.

For the average dentist dealing with associate agreements the legal issues can be quite complex. In his article Associate Agreements From The Associate’s Perspective David Rosenthal outlines the various terms and issues that lead to a successful Agreement. Who can operate a successful dental practice without staff? Ron Weintraub in his article The High Cost Of Employing Inexpensive Staff outlines five highly effective steps for the dentist to follow as they struggle to engage cost-effective well-prepared support staff. Are you struggling to purchase the best investments? Mark McNulty’s Buffet Buys into Home Capital – Should You Follow the Oracle of Omaha? concludes that the cleanest and most effective way to benefit from Buffet’s abilities is to buy Hathaway and enjoy the value creation. Interest rates are always a struggle! However, David Chong Yen and Louise Wong’s article Rising Interest Rates – What To Do? clearly outlines four important steps to manage your debt.

For most of us – in that age group – upon looking back over 60 years’ time seems to have passed quite quickly and you wonder where all the time went. But looking back 60 years, along with your companions, at a special occasion such as receiving a university degree, you home into numerous things and occasions that took place and influenced our lives to this date. My classmates and I were quick to express and agree that Luctor et Emergo never really left us. It’s a challenge to all who embrace it.