Trust Is Built With Consistency


Ralph Crawford


November 22, 2017

November 22, 2017

Walking through a shopping centre recently and passing by a real estate firm’s central office I noted with great interest – not particularly the real estate offers – but a sign in the background stating Trust Is Built With Consistency. Wow, I thought isn’t that the truth. Experience has taught me that almost every saying of value originated from some wise individual somewhere. Thus, upon scanning the computer I discovered the originator of Trust Is Built With Consistency originated from Lincoln Chafee an American politician from Rhode Island. He served as mayor of Warwich from 1993-1999, as a United States Senator from 1999 to 2007, and served as Governor of Rhode Island from 2011 to 2015.

Consistency is one of the fine techniques within our existence for building trust and loyalty with those around you – your family, your friends and those with whom you do business. When you consistently do all you can to do the right things, make the best decisions and move in the right direction you are building much needed trust.

And thinking about what The Professional Advisory has been striving for since its first publication 16 years ago, isn’t it doing all it can to build trust with consistency of excellence. Just give some thought to how much each of the contributors of The Professional Advisory has striven for and accomplished over the years to build your trust through consistency of worthiness.

And thinking of building trust with consistency, wisely consider the advice and guidance of each of the featured articles within this issue – and all issues – of The Professional Advisory. Again, David Chong Yen and Louise Wong have sound tax advice in the 2017 Action Plan For the Proposed Tax Changes. And read how Mark McNulty deals with How Much Do I Need in Savings to Finance $150,000 in Spending. Colin Ross wisely strives to deal with the rather complex question raised often throughout the dental community: How Can Dental Practice Values be Rising and Declining? Ron Weintraub brings forth the thought The More a Practice Changes, the More It Stays the Same and outlines how a patient’s needs are essentially the same as they always have been but have greatly shifted with the tendency towards consumerism. Thinking of a Lease Term Renewal? If so, Ian Toms, in his list of seven concepts every tenant should understand, clearly outlines the considerations. David Rosenthal outlines that a Stepped Purchase Of A Dental Practice can be an excellent arrangement for both purchaser and vendor in certain circumstances but certainly requires informed professional advisors.

The constant and continuous page after page of  professional advice and direction within The Professional  Advisory’s pages is certainly marked evidence that Trust Is Built With Consistency.

As time goes by and we each get older we are often faced with decisions concerning “it’s time to change”. And now is the time. The decision was recently made that I step down from contributing editorials for each issue of The Professional Advisory. This publication will be my last. The past 13 years have by gone quickly and working with each of the contributors issue after issue has been a truly rewarding  experience. I wish The Professional Advisory all the very, very best in the coming years as it makes a continuous invaluable contribution to the dental profession.